Website Content Management System

Project Goal The project’s primary goals are to create a comprehensive website structure that serves as an information hub and communication platform. By launching the internet presence of the company, the website enhances HDSL’s visibility and accessibility. It caters to various target groups, including diagnostic labs, clinics, hospitals, NGOs, chemists, doctors, biochemists, and microbiologists. The […]

E-Commerce Web Application Design and Development

Project Goal The primary aim of the project was to create a robust eCommerce web application for ‘Mapal International’. The goal was to establish a comprehensive online platform that facilitates the sale of Torayvino Products through a user-friendly interface, extending market reach and enabling efficient online sales. The project’s focus was on providing a seamless […]

Website Development including Prescreening Assessment App

Project Goal The website aimed to effectively showcase the services provided by Augmedix Inc. while integrating a Prescreening Assessment app for recruiting scribes. Dream Array (DA) took on the task of developing the website and seamlessly integrating the Pre-Screening Assessment app, with a focus on creating a user-friendly and SEO-friendly platform. The ultimate aim was […]