Website Development including Prescreening Assessment App


Augmedix Bangladesh Ltd


Augmedix Inc. offers the reliable, scalable, and secure remote scribe service with cutting edge smart-glass technology and enterprise grade HIPAA security. They are on a mission to rehumanize the clinician-patient relationship and address the largest pain point in the US healthcare system – with the cooperation of scribes.

Project Goal

The website aimed to effectively showcase the services provided by Augmedix Inc. while integrating a Prescreening Assessment app for recruiting scribes. Dream Array (DA) took on the task of developing the website and seamlessly integrating the Pre-Screening Assessment app, with a focus on creating a user-friendly and SEO-friendly platform. The ultimate aim was to enable jobseekers to conveniently assess their eligibility from any location, enhance the overall professional appearance of the system, and ensure a responsive design.

Project Description

The website encompasses essential sections, which are thoughtfully designed to provide visitors with insights into Augmedix’s mission, services, latest updates, and career opportunities. The integration of a Prescreening Assessment app added a unique dimension, allowing job seekers to conveniently assess their eligibility for scribe roles from anywhere.

Dream Array (DA) followed a meticulous process, starting from converting Figma designs to HTML, designing a WordPress theme, and integrating essential functionalities such as form submissions, news sections, photo galleries, and customization options. 

For the Prescreening App, DA conducted thorough system analysis, created prototypes, and developed the app using the Laravel Framework. The UI was optimized to ensure a consistent experience across various devices. Rigorous testing, deployment, and configuration processes followed, ensuring that the app was ready for use and deployment on the server.

In essence, the project aimed to provide Augmedix BD Limited with a modern, user-friendly website that effectively represents Augmedix Inc.’s services and mission, while also streamlining the recruitment process for scribes through the innovative Prescreening Assessment app. The resulting system is responsive, professional, and aligned with Augmedix BD Limited’s design vision.


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