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Torayvino Bangladesh


Mapal International is the sole agent to import and distribute the Torayvino Water Purifier in Bangladesh. Torayvino is a Faucet-mounted water purifier developed by Toray, Japan. It combines a cutting-edge hollow-fiber filter, developed using Toray’s invented advanced membrane technology, with high-performance granular activated carbon and other filtering media. It is certified by Japan Industrial Standards (JIS) S3201.

Project Goal

The primary aim of the project was to create a robust eCommerce web application for ‘Mapal International’. The goal was to establish a comprehensive online platform that facilitates the sale of Torayvino Products through a user-friendly interface, extending market reach and enabling efficient online sales. The project’s focus was on providing a seamless shopping experience for customers while also offering content management tools for website maintenance.

Project Description

The website’s structure encompasses key sections such as “Home,” “Shop,” “About Torayvino,” “Events,” “Reports,” “FAQ,” and “Contact.” Each section is thoughtfully designed to provide visitors with extensive information about Torayvino Water Purifiers, including product details, benefits, usage, events, and frequently asked questions.

To ensure project success, DA followed a rigorous process involving system analysis, prototype development, HTML theme customization, and the implementation of functional requirements using the Laravel Framework. The user interface was optimized for seamless experiences across devices, catering to a wide range of users.

Rigorous testing, deployment, and configuration procedures were carried out to ensure application performance. The final result is an eCommerce platform that aligns with Mapal International’s mission to provide cutting-edge water purification solutions to customers throughout Bangladesh. The platform offers an intuitive shopping experience, extensive product information, and user-friendly content management tools.


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