Medical Service App Design


Dhaka Cast


Dhaka Cast is a healthcare startup in Bangladesh focused to support diabetic patients with home service fully run by experienced and qualified doctors. The vision of this company is to establish a 360-degree solution and service online. Dhaka Cast works to provide healthy lifestyle education and the best service and products at an affordable price for their consumers.

Project Goal

The project aimed to enhance the user experience of the Medical Service App for Dhaka Cast, a healthcare startup dedicated to supporting diabetic patients with home services. Dream Array (DA) set out to develop a user-centered UX design that streamlined the process of acquiring and integrating medical services. The ultimate goal was to create a seamless, efficient, and engaging app interface that aligns with Dhaka Cast’s mission of providing accessible healthcare solutions online.

Project Description

The project centered around the design transformation of the Medical Service App for Dhaka Cast. With a vision to offer comprehensive healthcare services and products online, Dhaka Cast collaborated with Dream Array to craft an enhanced user experience that caters to diabetic patients seeking quality care from experienced doctors. The app’s design encompassed crucial aspects such as branding, usability, and user flows, delivering a holistic experience that supports the company’s mission.

Through UX analysis, user journey mapping, wireframing, interface design, rapid prototyping, and meticulous attention to design specifications, Dream Array ensured that the Medical Service App achieved its intended purpose. By focusing on meaningful interactions, clear visual identity, and seamless navigation, the app provides a user-friendly platform that empowers users to access valuable healthcare resources, services, and products. The result is a compelling app interface that reflects Dhaka Cast’s commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles and delivering affordable and accessible healthcare services.


What they Say about Us

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