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Healthcare Diagnostic Solutions Ltd


Healthcare Diagnostic Solutions Ltd. (HDSL) is one of the fastest-growing medical devices, medical instruments & reagents suppliers in Bangladesh. HDSL is one of the sister concerns of Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Ltd., which has already earned a deep-seeded reputation in Bangladesh and overseas through its excellence in quality, innovation, safety & usefulness.

Project Goal

The project’s primary goals are to create a comprehensive website structure that serves as an information hub and communication platform. By launching the internet presence of the company, the website enhances HDSL’s visibility and accessibility. It caters to various target groups, including diagnostic labs, clinics, hospitals, NGOs, chemists, doctors, biochemists, and microbiologists. The website’s structure is meticulously designed to deliver an intuitive and informative user experience.

Project Description

The website’s structure comprises several key sections, including the Home page with dynamic scrolling images and customer testimonials, Product information, Principles linking to external websites, Services encompassing technical support, training programs, spare parts center, and upcoming webinars, a Gallery showcasing events, a Career section inviting potential candidates to explore opportunities, and an About section providing insights into core values, mission, vision, and profiles of both HDSL and its parent company.

Implemented using Laravel, the website offers robust features such as category and product management, principles linking, event gallery organization, webinar details, and comprehensive job opening posting and applicant information management. The project’s overarching aim is to empower HDSL with a user-friendly, feature-rich platform that effectively communicates its offerings, values, and opportunities while strengthening connections with its diverse range of audiences.

Tech Stack

Laravel, MySQL, jQuery


What they Say about Us

At Dream Array, we aspire to innovate in the invention and implementation of the industry’s most advanced technologies to provide specialized services for our clients, thereby serving their businesses to their full potential.